READY TO CRUISE! Folding electric bikes for leisuredeliveriesrecreationsecuritycommuting

Serious FUN and serious WORK!

The superior build quality and backup service from i-Cruz, make their bikes perfectly suited for both recreation and business applications.


Whether you’re going to work, the shops, getting around campus or just visiting your mates – our i-Cruz e-bikes will serve as a perfect commuter vehicle.


Cruising your neighbourhood or effortlessly gliding around with your mates is serious FUN! Make sure that your family is part of the new e-bike revolution!

Security Patrols

Our compact e-bikes provide an ideal solution for patrolling security guards. The Power on Demand mode allows the security guard to become a stealth, rapid response solution.


Your perfect holiday companion! Take your i-Cruz, foldable e-bike with you on holiday. No need for trailers or bike racks, simply fold it up and put it in your boot. Once at your destination, use your bike to effortlessly cruise around.


With it’s long range and virtually maintenance free riding, our e-bikes provide a logical, eco-friendly solution for neighbourhood deliveries. The days of having to employ licensed motorcycles riders or having to worry about fuel and servicing costs are finally over!

i-Cruz Features

LCD colour Info Display Panel

Supplied as a standard accessory, the colour LCD Info Panel, displays all essential riding information.

  • Speed
  • Distance travelled
  • Remaining battery power
  • Ambient temperature

Compact Folding Frame

The unique folding frame, makes this e-bike ultra compact for easy storage and transportation.

Removable and Lockable Battery

Using your ignition key, the battery can be removed for charging or locked in place, keeping it safe and secure.

Charging Cell Phone Holder

Also supplied as a standard accessory, the cell phone holder is equipped with a USB port for on the go charging.

Remote Controlled Alarm & Immobiliser

A first For SA – an e-bike equipped with an alarm and immobiliser! Without deactivating the immobiliser, the ignition won’t turn on – just like a car! The alarm is triggered by motion sensors – bump or move the bike and the alarm is activated.